Your First Steps to a Data-Driven Marketing Strategy

Image by Thane Keller.
Image by Thane Keller.

How do you effectively reach your audience?

These days, it’s all about tailoring your marketing campaigns to your target demographic. The more personalized it is, the better. An intimate understanding of your audience and what they want is how you execute effective strategies. You do this by anchoring your marketing to one thing: data.

At Bolton Remote, we help companies build offshore remote teams. When it comes to marketing, we’ve found that the most successful teams implement strategies that have been tried, tested, and improved after data analysis. Your own marketing team can have that, too.

STEP 01: Prioritize data literacy.

Every person on your marketing team should be familiar with data analytics. If some of your marketers aren’t as proficient, they can use Google’s free Analytics and AdWords modules to learn and get their certifications.

“These Google products have become essential to our work as marketers and change constantly.” shares digital marketing professional Elise Gabriel. One way they can stay abreast with product updates and changes is by thoroughly understanding the basics. When your marketers know how to work Google, they’ll be able to use and read any tool of your choice.

STEP 02: Define the data important to your business.

As with everything in marketing, you start with a plan. By asking strategic questions, Curata was able to come up with a data-driven content marketing strategy. To tighten up their content marketing, they asked these key questions which can also be helpful for your own content marketing:

  • What topics should we create content about?
  • What formats should we use for this content?
  • What should be prioritized based on available resources?

From these, they were able to identify the data that’s most important to them, and choose the metrics they wanted to measure.

STEP 03: You don’t need to track all data.

Traffic and social metrics such as follows and likes are important, but they’re not the only numbers your marketers should be looking at. Heather Burton, a marketing communications manager, suggests that marketers should “understand who is converting and where”.

Figure out which metric will give you data you can use to take action. Focusing on the right metrics will enable your marketers to identify what’s working and what isn’t. They’ll be able to test different campaigns and know exactly which info to look at to see if it’s working. They’ll spend less time assessing numbers and more time implementing changes.

STEP 04: Take action at the right time.

When your marketing is data-driven, you’ll be able to communicate with prospects at the right time, increasing your conversions. According to Fliptop CEO Doug Camplejohn, implementing data expertly “starts with reaching the right people (or accounts), at a time when they are most receptive to your message.”

Having data that’s specific and relevant to your company will enable you to jump on trends and opportunities that your audience will respond to the most. As an example, The Shelf has created an infographic comparing how much people spend on Mother’s Day vs. Father’s Day.

Courtesy of: The Shelf

From the data they got from FTD, it’s easy to assess that Mother’s Day is a holiday most businesses should take action on. As 84.5% of people celebrate Mother’s Day, jumping on this trend will likely yield positive outcomes for businesses.

When it comes to taking advantage of time-sensitive and highly profitable events, having a remote marketing team will come in handy. If your data tells you your audience engages with your brand at different—even odd—hours, you’ll have people available to communicate, nurture, and convert.

Remember, a one size fits all approach is no longer enough to give you a marketing edge. Be part of the 31% of companies who make the most out of data to guide them in marketing. A data-driven marketing plan ensures you that all techniques done are custom fit for your business.

Hire marketers with the know-how to make your strategies happen. Expand your hiring pool to offshore remote team building. Visit our website at and we’ll send you candidates within 3 days.

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Bolton Remote helps businesses grow with dedicated remote teams. To find out more about remote staffing, visit
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Bolton Remote helps businesses grow with dedicated remote teams. To find out more about remote staffing, visit