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We love writing about resources that help companies successfully manage remote workers. In our remote tool features, we write about tools that are proven to make the management of your Bolton Remote team easier and more productive.

In today’s feature, we talk about Yesware, a tool for tracking email performance.

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Communication is an indispensable part of maintaining a business, whether it’s with your staff or with your customers. If you use email to keep in touch with anyone, Yesware makes a nice addition to your remote management toolbox by tracking your email’s activity.

What Does It Do?

Yesware helps you make sure that you communicate effectively. By integrating Yesware into your inbox, its tracking features let you know when your recipients:

  • Open the email you send them
  • Click the links in your messages
  • Open your attachments

Aside from tracking your email performance, Yesware also lets you create email templates, and reminds you about important messages. It also integrates with Salesforce, so you can access your CRM records with your email program, synchronize email activity reports and call notes, and manage just one calendar across Salesforce and Google.

Who Should Use It?

Yesware is especially useful for heavy email users: salespeople, email marketers, and link builders. If your Bolton Remote sales team uses Gmail and Outlook, this is a great plugin for them to use.

Also, Yesware helps managers who rely heavily on email to work with their teams. This is great for remote teams who collaborate at different time zones.

What Does It Give You?

The technology behind Yesware’s email tracking features has existed for a while, but Yesware brings to the table a lightweight plugin that integrates seamlessly in widely used email programs. If you happen to use Gmail or Outlook, this means fewer habits you have to change and faster adaptation to this tool’s many features.

Smart Emailing

Yesware tracks your email activity and notifies you of any activity updates. Aside from these notifications, you also receive detailed activity-based reports for each email you send. You can see who viewed your presentation, and how often they checked it.

This can help in finding the best time to send mail, which specific segment reads your messages, and more importantly, which type of messages get the kind of response you want. Insight like this gives you ideas on how you can connect with your customers or teams more effectively.

With easier tracking and other features like mail templates and reminders for important messages, your team has more time to focus on strengthening customer relationships.

CRM Syncing

Yesware also integrates with Salesforce and allows you to manage your CRM records right from your inbox. Your Bolton Remote sales team can place calls right from their email accounts, and automatically sync call and discussion notes to Salesforce. Your tracked email and activity data also syncs to your Salesforce records, so everyone in your email marketing team are on the same page on how your relationship building efforts are doing.

Flexible Plans

Pricing for Yesware comes in different plans to suit your email productivity needs. You can use the free version to track up to 100 emails a month, or you can go with premium services for unlimited email tracking and additional features. Premium plans are flexible as well, whether you’re an individual professional, a small sales team, or a sales organization. If you’d like to test their premium plans, you can do that with Yesware’s 2 month extended trial.

Our Experience with Yesware

Bolton Remote uses Yesware to monitor educational reachouts. We get in touch with business owners, remote work advocates, and industry leaders. They give us their perspective on who can benefit from learning about how we build remote teams for our customers.

Before using Yesware, we didn’t have any real way to track email performance. “The data we processed was based on how many emails go out and how much of those get replies,” says Myko, one of our remote staffing ambassadors. This resulted in more time spent trying to analyze data that were not always correlated.

So we tried out Yesware, and we’ve liked how much it helped us track our email more effectively. Now we’re analyzing the right data, so we could more soundly decide whether we have to talk to a different segment, or change the wording of our messages.

“Knowing how much of our email were actually being read gave us a better understanding of the crowd we were trying to reach,” says Myko. “We’ve had significantly more successful conversations.”

Yesware integrates smoothly in widely popular email programs, so its features are easy even for an entire team to include in their processes. Whether you’re connecting with your remote team, or with your customers -- or both! -- we can vouch for the success Yesware can help you achieve.

We love building relationships. If you’re a fan of remote work or are interested in learning more about remote staffing, we’d love to get to know you! Feel free to reach out to us at

Edsel Mendoza
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Edsel Mendoza

Edsel is Bolton Remote's remote staffing ambassador. He is currently on an educational crusade to help people see that remote staffing isn't what everyone thinks it is.
Edsel Mendoza
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About Edsel Mendoza

Edsel is Bolton Remote's remote staffing ambassador. He is currently on an educational crusade to help people see that remote staffing isn't what everyone thinks it is.