What You Need When Hiring a Remote SEO Professional


Hiring a Remote SEO Professional
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Do startups actually need Search Engine Optimization?

Many business owners ask themselves this question ever since what some digital marketers believe to be the death of SEO. “The days are fading of people typing their searches into Google and trusting anything it spits back at them,” according to Tim Burd of DigitizeIQ. “Google lacks the incorporation of social proof.”

But other marketers assure that SEO is still alive, and still important. “The reality of the situation is that, as long as there are search engines – and as long as the results those search engines show are determined by algorithms – there will be SEO,” says Sujan Patel, marketing VP at When I Work and co-founder of Content Marketer. “That said, SEO has changed a lot, and many tactics that worked as recently as a couple of years ago are now entirely defunct.

Many people still trust search engines, and ranking highly on search results still fetches many businesses sales. But for as long as search engines change their algorithm, SEO will keep changing. “SEO is probably one of the most persistent, resilient and immortal parts of marketing that there is,” says Michael Wilkins, Search Marketing consultant and contributor at Econsultancy. “While SEO isn’t dead, it’s definitely frustrating and it’s only going to get more so.”

You need someone with the background and the know-how to keep up with SEO’s changes. Fortunately, you don’t need to rent bigger office space or procure new computers to hire an SEO expert. You have the option of hiring a remote SEO professional, but you need to be prepared. The following are what your SEO person needs.

Clearly Defined SEO Needs

There are two sides to the SEO role.

Erin Everhart, SEO Manager for The Home Depot and columnist at Search Engine Land, describes the role of an SEO generalist. “Yes, you are still responsible for driving organic traffic. That isn’t going anywhere,” says Erin. “But because the way to drive organic traffic isn’t anything like the way we used to drive organic traffic, SEOs have to become more cross-functional.” As a result, SEOs have become content developers, UX advocates, digital strategists, and creative marketers, too.

On the other hand, Joe Hall, internet marketer and writer, attests that SEOs should be specialists at what they do. “If you want to be a better SEO, then it’s time you start working alongside other marketing professionals that truly excel at their jobs,” says Joe. “In the end you will have more time to handle the things that only an SEO can, and will end up getting better results for your clients.”

Truth is, both of them are right. Your remote SEO professional’s functions depend entirely on what your business needs, so you have to be clear on what those needs are. If you simply want to increase your organic search traffic, a generalist approach might be best for your SEO strategy. However, if you need your professional to do more technical tasks, like developing a redirection strategy, fix indexing errors, or doing penalty cleanups, you’ll need a specialist.

Your Processes in Place

As with any remote role, your remote SEO will do well if you already have a reasonable system in place. It’s especially important to document your processes because aside from that your communication with your hire will be predominantly written, SEO in particular entails a continuous process that your professional cannot just wing. “The process of optimization is not a one-time process but requires maintenance, tuning, and continuous testing and monitoring,” says Jon Rognerud, author of Ultimate Guide to Optimizing Your Website.

Document each step of your processes, and clearly establish your schedule and timelines for each task. So even with a continuous process in place, you can effectively track your remote SEO’s performance and progress.

Reasonable Compensation

Good SEO is worth every penny. “Doing things right requires skilled practitioners, and it always has,” says Adam Henige of Netvantage Marketing. “To do SEO right you need to have a provider that can do a lot of things, none of which can be offered up for pennies.”

Just to do SEO, your remote SEO professional needs basic knowledge in content writing, marketing, project management, public relations, and some programming. They also work with plenty of tools that require expertise to use effectively, so that they can monitor backlinks, outreach, and rankings, among other things.

Good SEO doesn’t have to be expensive, especially if you’re getting talent from a more affordable hiring market offshore. But your remote SEO professional still covers a lot of ground and still performs a lot of functions, so be sure that your SEO is reasonably compensated and paid on time.

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Bolton Remote helps businesses grow with dedicated remote teams. To find out more about remote staffing, visit BoltonRemote.com.