What a Remote Team Can Do For Your Content Marketing


We like how remote teams help scaling startups overcome challenges that come with growth. Here you'll find useful information about managing remote digital marketing teams. In this post, we’ve listed the advantages of working with a remote content marketing team.

What a Remote Team Can Do For Your Content Marketing
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In one of his podcasts, Joe Pulizzi describes how content marketing is now a definitive industry term, and is now rapidly replacing traditional distribution models. “Marketers will pay more to reach consumers than consumers will pay to get access to content,” says Joe Pulizzi as he cites an article by Greg Satell from Innovation Excellence. “In other words, content marketing tends to be a better business model than paywalls.”

Content marketing is a field of marketing expertise in itself. Finding talent for content marketing is a pain in the rear, and it gets even more complicated when you need expertise in particular channels. But if you consider hiring remote specialists, the variety of talent you can choose from grows vastly, and with more choices, finding the right talent can become a lot easier. We’ve listed specific roles that you can hire remotely for a few popular content marketing channels.

Maximize Blog Content

Starting a blog is one of the most effective ways to create owned content, and one of the best ways to position yourself as an expert at what you do. But running a blog can be a huge time suck if you’re also running a company. So it’s a good idea to delegate blog-related tasks to a team. To be specific, we find that a remote team can help you greatly.

If you’ve got a lot of ideas and no time to blog, you can hire a remote content writer to help flesh out your thoughts into full, written paragraphs. They can also proofread anything you’d like to write yourself, to get your message across your specific audience. Remote staffing services can help you recruit a writer that works in your time zone, but opting for an asynchronous setup is a viable choice, too. Your writer can write articles while you sleep, and you can proofread when you wake up, before you get to work on improving your product or service.

For an extra edge, you can also hire an SEO specialist to optimize your content and make it easy for potential readers to find. Ensure your blog’s success even more with a WordPress developer to help you make your blog run smoothly and look good.

Unique and Consistent Social Media Promotions

Social media remains a largely popular channel for distributing content. Audience VP and Relevance co-founder Chad Pollitt, however, warns that social media sits at the crossroads of the marketing ecosystem on an article he published on SocialMediaToday.com.

“According to Mark Schaefer’s book, The Content Code, by 2020 the amount of information on the Internet will have grown by 500 percent,” Chad says. Because of this, social media and search engines are steadily becoming too crowded with content. “With online publishing growing every day, brands are being forced to find new and innovative ways to get their content in front of the audiences that matter to them.”

No matter how convenient social media is, finding new ways to cut through the noise and reach your audience can take a lot of time. Good news is, you can delegate your social media marketing. “If you don’t already have a marketing team employed or contracted out, make that your first resolution of 2015,” Liv Longley of Searchmetrics says.

We’re in the later half of the year, but it’s not too late to delegate your social media marketing to a remote team. The constant presence a remote team can provide allows you to put out content constantly and consistently. “There is one thing all the social pros have in common. They are pumping out lots of consistent content,” says Sprout Social’s Michael Patterson in an article posted on JeffBulas.com. “We need content and lots of it if we want to make a lasting impression on social media.”

Enhanced Email Marketing

Dave Chaffey of Smart Insights attests that email marketing remains an important channel for distributing content. “Customer Acquisition via Email has quadrupled over the last 4 years,” says Dave about his observations on Custora Ecommerce Pulse statistics. “Email has increased dramatically as a customer acquisition channel, so that it now rivals search.”

Layman’s terms? You can get loads of customers with email, about as much as you would through good search engine rankings. So it’s important that your email campaigns don’t slack.

Fortunately, a remote email team can support your on-site email team, if you have one, by continuing to run your email campaigns during your off-hours. You can provide content to prospects who are online when you’re not, and respond to audience inquiries and content requests in real-time.

Also, your remote team can widen your audience reach, but still let you remain focused. You can have them reach out to one group of people so you can concentrate on the other. For example, your remote team can direct its efforts to reaching out to potential customers, so that you can continue nurturing your existing ones.

These perks of entrusting your content marketing to a remote team lead to stronger brand awareness and brand loyalty. Ever experienced success with a remote content marketing team, or want to know more about it? Let us know through the comments, or get in touch with us at Info@BoltonRemote.com.

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Bolton Remote helps businesses grow with dedicated remote teams. To find out more about remote staffing, visit BoltonRemote.com.