The Right Way to Gamify Your Remote Marketing Team Culture

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Image by Unsplash.

Marketing departments are at their best when they’re collaborative, productive, and aware about the goings on in the company. When you’re managing a remote team, however, achieving these goals present unique challenges. Fortunately, there’s a way to tackle all these challenges at once: through gamification.

Gamification is more than just a hype or trend, it delivers results. According to Concur, gamification can increase employee engagement by 60%. Aside from creating a fun virtual working environment that boosts morale, it can also “increase collaboration, improve productivity, and drive awareness” says Susan Poser a senior director at Oracle.

So, how do you gamify a remote marketing team?

Set goals by identifying needs.

Why are you including gamification into your remote team culture? Is it to address an engagement problem? Are you wrapping up a major campaign and your marketers need a confidence boost? Do you just want to make daily work more fun?

Setting a goal helps you create the appropriate project to implement. But first, you have to find out how necessary gamification is for your team. This gives you an idea of what to gamify and how much resources you should devote to this process.

You can find out if you need to gamify your remote culture by measuring staff engagement. J Schwan, CEO of Solstice Mobile, assesses employee engagement by checking his company’s Glassdoor rating and asking his employees one simple question—how likely are they to refer someone to work for his company.

You can apply this method, too. Ask your remote employees if they’d like to refer their marketing contacts to work for you. If the response is not where you want it to be, gamification can be a helping hand at improving engagement among your team.

Choose a platform.

If you’re gamifying a process, you should make tracking progress fun, too. Here are some platforms you can consider:

  • HabitRPG gamifies daily tasks for individuals, teams, and even enterprises. Each task is a “monster” your team member can beat by accomplishing it. It has social accountability features you can use to strengthen collaboration among your remote staff. Use it for a campaign where your marketing team has to work together in order to defeat the game.
  • RedCritterTracker is a simpler but customizable approach to gamification. You can issue virtual badges whenever your remote staff accomplishes a task or milestone. You can set parameters for points and input your own rewards.
  • Todoist is a powerful productivity app with a karma feature where your remote team can track the progress of their work in visual graphs. The more they accomplish tasks, the closer they are to achieve progress levels they can then share through social media. It’s simple to use and provides transparent results for when you’re deliberating on rewards.

Offer varied rewards and perks.

Give careful thought to rewards. You don’t want your remote staff to work simply for these extra prizes. When gamifying a project, account for the collaborative nature of marketing and try to implement mechanics where everyone can earn a reward. “Ideally, every employee has a chance to win a/the prize.” says Capterra’s Content Marketing Analyst, Rachel Burger. “You can actually demoralize your employees if you only have one winner of a challenge.”

Here are some appropriate but unique rewards options:

  • Set up little rewards through Uncover and offer up a monthly recurring perk as the ultimate prize.
  • For something more economical than recurring perks, gift cards are also great options for rewards, too. GiftCardPartners have dozens of partner merchants your remote employee can choose from.
  • Improve remote team collaboration and do some good by offering a team reward to be given to a charity or fundraising campaign of their choice. JustGiving supports donations for great causes all over the world.

Branch out.

You can easily gamify your team’s process, but why stop there? Why not use gamification to encourage a healthy lifestyle? Marketing is high pressure and you want your remote team to be in prime health to stay on top of their game. Fitocracy is a social media platform that has made fitness fun. Your staff can earn points and gain levels by achieving their health goals.

A Gallup survey says 70% of employees are not engaged at work. Do what you can so your remote marketing team doesn’t fall into that statistic. Gamifying your virtual workplace need not be complicated. Start with simple tactics and see the response.

Have you tried or experienced gamification at work? What was the result?

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Bolton Remote helps businesses grow with dedicated remote teams. To find out more about remote staffing, visit