Snagit: Simple Screen Sharing for Effective Remote Collaboration


We love writing about how companies can better manage their remote workers. In our remote tool features, we write about tools that are proven to make the management of your Bolton Remote team easier and more productive.

In today’s feature, we talk about Snagit, a tool for image and video screen capture.

Snagit: Simple Screen Sharing
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When we collaborate, many of us prefer demonstrating our work over explaining in nitty gritty detail how we do it. We get our points across faster when we do more showing than telling. According to Tim Elmore of Growing Leaders, communication with imagery is particularly effective because majority of people are visual learners, and so pictures tend to stick. “There is significant impact on the learner when a visual aid is connected to a verbal explanation,” says Tim. “Images can accelerate both learning important concepts and applying them to life.”

So, no matter how fast you type or how well you can put words together, collaboration is often more effective when you combine words with imagery and examples. This is why most people would rather look over a colleague’s shoulder or ask for an actual demo to help understand processes rather than get a five-page, all-text PDF explaining how to get from A to B.

For onsite staff, grabbing them for a live demo is easy. But what about if you’re working with a remote team located across the globe? This is where Snagit, a TechSmith product, saves the day.

What Does It Do?

Snagit lets you easily capture images or videos of your desktop or mobile screen, whether you need to capture your entire screen or just a portion of it in just a few clicks. Danny Chadwick of Top Ten Reviews attests, “hands down, Snagit offers the widest variety of capture methods available.”

To make your caps more informative, you can even add notes on specific places of your images and videos that you want to highlight. Once you’re done preparing your screen captures, Snagit also lets you quickly share your caps to your team across different platforms, in a wide variety of file formats.

Who Should Use It?

According to Edward Mendelson and Jeffrey Wilson of, “journalists, bloggers, meme creators, forum posters, and anyone else who works or plays online will eventually need a screen-capture app.” Snagit is useful for a wide variety of roles, but we find Snagit best for remote teams that work on process-heavy tasks.

If your team heavily relies on a specially designed process to get work done, Snagit is excellent for collaboration. You can have your remote graphic design team, for example, use Snagit to send each other studies with notes or feedback. Or you can send your remote developers videos of your software test so they can quickly identify errors and find the bugs they need to fix.

Snagit is also good for all remote team managers who train their teams. The videos you can create with Snagit can make great learning tools. And because these images and videos are easy to share, your team can easily retrieve your documented tutorials whenever they need reference.

What Does It Give You?

Snagit Augments Remote Communication Tools

Research by the Mind Tools team says that majority of people are visual learners. Mind Tools further adds that to maximize visual learning, you need to balance it with verbal learning. “Because you're better able to learn and gather information,” says Elizabeth Eyre of Mind Tools, “you'll make better decisions and choose better courses of action.”

What does this mean for remote collaboration and training? With Snagit allowing you to smartly combine your messages with imagery, each message your team exchanges will be clear and free of confusion, resulting in smoother collaboration.

Great Looking Documentation

You can enhance your documentation with Snagit screen captures, along with other elements, including callouts, arrows, and text. Any content you create with Snagit can be sent directly to Word or PowerPoint, so you can create engaging and polished documents faster.

Better Training

Going beyond balancing visual and verbal learning, Snagit also encourages asynchronous training. Snagit’s Step Tool feature lets you label your screen captures with clickable steps, so your team can follow your procedures. And with Snagit’s Cloud integration, your team can access these training files anytime, with virtually any device that can connect to the internet. So unlike with most screen sharing features, Snagit lets your team rewatch your video demonstrations, even while you’re asleep.

Our Experience with Snagit

Screen Sharing for Remote Collaboration

Bolton Remote’s content team likes to review products that are great for remote team management. Having to write our reviews with words obviously comes with the territory, but with Snagit, we now have more ways to show how our favorite products work, and we can put less thought into wordy explanations. “The best way to showcase a product is to display it in action,” says Nuni, one of our content contributors. “Snagit allows us to do just that, as well as highlight specific features we like about the products we review.”

It goes beyond our product reviews. We also see Snagit paving the way for us to provide more visual content within Bolton Remote’s teams. “Documenting our processes and any improvements we make is important to all of our growing teams,” says Nuni. “But Snagit actually makes the prospect of updating these documents exciting.”

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