Simulate a Productive Work Environment for Creative Remote Teams with Coffitivity


We love writing about resources that help companies manage remote workers. In our remote tool features, we write about tools that are proven to make the management of your Bolton Remote team easier and more productive.

In today’s feature, we talk about Coffitivity, a tool for simulating a productive work environment.

Productive Work Environment with Coffitivity
Image by Mario Habenbacher

We all have different ways of getting “in the zone,” and our work environment is one factor that directly affects this, especially in remote work setups. For most remote workers, this environment is their local coffee shop.

Local coffee shops present themselves as great work environments for today's nomadic workers. Besides having good food and over 20 (or more, in some cases) different kinds of coffee, these shops provide more than decent internet speeds and an abundant amount of power outlets for all our gadgets.

Besides allowing anyone to be fully equipped for remote work, there's one more thing these coffee shops provide: just the right amount of ambient noise.

Ambient Noise Equals Better Productivity

Total silence isn't always the best ingredient for a productive workday. This is why some of us, who are still stuck in regular offices, either need our favorite playlists playing or work where light chatter can be heard to keep us in the zone. This isn’t anything new. Studies have shown that a moderate amount of ambient noise can boost creativity and productivity for most people.

Sadly, not all of us can just leave our desks for the coffee shop down the street. Luckily, we don’t have to settle with the buzzing noise of office lights and the sound of keyboard keys. Coffitivity can provide the coffee shop ambience we need right in our office desks.

What Does It Do?

Coffitivity is a simple tool that plays realistic cafe sound effects, complete with soft chatter, clinking cups and silverware, and cash registers. By visiting their website or loading their mobile app, you can listen to these sounds to simulate the feeling of sitting in a coffee shop as you get work done.

Who Should Use It?

Work preferences vary, so we recommend Coffitivity to people who know they can work amid background noise. Although you can play Coffitivity with your favorite music, Coffitivity’s work benefits become apparent if you're fine with muted noise cutting through your jam.

As far as roles go, we find Coffitivity best for creative remote teams that include designers, artists, and writers. Coffitivity is also great for professionals who use their creativity behind the scenes, such as software developers, web developers, marketers, and strategists.

Whether you have a creative team working at home or from office spaces, Coffitivity is good for producing “enough noise to work.”

What Does It Give You?

You can get background noise from a wide variety of sources, but we like Coffitivity’s focus on replicating the coffee shop experience.

The app even provides choices for the kind of coffee house you want to "work" in. These options include a university coffee shop, a French cafe, and a Brazilian bistro.


Image by Coffitivity

Our Experience with Coffitivity

Bolton Remote’s writers gave Coffitivity a spin. Although Coffitivity is easy to use, unsurprisingly, incorporating it into everyday work habits took some adjusting. At first, there were barely any changes in our productivity levels. “I had to remember to turn off my music so I can hear Coffitivity’s tracks,” says Angelica, one of our content contributors. “Because somehow, I would forget that Coffitivity’s background noise is meant to be tuned out.”

But the adjustment period took virtually no time. Soon enough, we found ourselves comfortable working with Coffitivity. “The sounds aren’t too disruptive, but they provide just enough cacophony to keep me awake and aware that I have work to do,” Angelica says. “That puts me in the mood to work faster than most music that makes me do air guitar while I try to think of topics to pitch.”

Since using Coffitivity, we still bob our heads to a variety of background music, but our music now comes with bonus accompaniment of espresso machines, cups, and soft conversation. We’re also equipped with a good list of approved topics and approved copy, and fewer instances of writer’s block.

“Getting rid of writer’s block is the best part,” Angelica adds. “That, and completing the experience with a latte and a slice of cake.”

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Bolton Remote helps businesses grow with dedicated remote teams. To find out more about remote staffing, visit