Process Street: The Indispensable Tool for Process and Workflow Management


At Bolton Remote, we help companies find remote staff who get things done. We also love helping these companies manage their remote workers better. We love sharing great tools we’ve proven to help with management, productivity, and processes.

In today’s feature, we talk about Process Street, a simple tool for process and workflow management.

Image from Process Street.
Image from Process Street.

Time management is of the essence when it comes to boosting employee productivity. We know that billed time is not only lost on mindless web browsing, social media checks, and other obvious distractions. Sometimes, they’re caused by disorganization. In fact, according to a survey done by AtTask and Harris Interactive, 36% of surveyed employees say their biggest time waster is lack of process.

Without process documentation, employees spend valuable time thinking about what they’re supposed to do instead of just doing what needs to be done. It’s a problem that doesn’t just lead to productivity loss, but hurts the bottom line, too.

This is the reason why we’re always on the lookout for tools that can streamline and document our employees’ processes and make them easier and simpler to execute.

Fortunately, we found Process Street.

What does it do?

Process Street is a powerful project management tool, focusing on recurring procedures. It’s a “great tool for documenting processes, checklists and SOPs.” According to John Jantsch of Duct Tape Marketing. That’s its unique selling point. You can put in your company’s processes into templates, assign checklists to team members based on these templates, and monitor whether or not each checklist has been completed.

You can even make each template as detailed as you need them to be. Add tutorial videos, attach screen shots, write bullet points of key information straight into templates to make sure each step will be executed completely and properly.

Along with assigning checklists to your staff, you can also put dates and times on when checklists should run. “You can schedule your Checklists, have them repeated at specific intervals, and delegate them to your outsourcers and your Team.” Amador Costa, CEO of DeluxeMarketing, Inc.

With its simple and intuitive interface, team leaders can also have a transparent view of how much each team member has accomplished and where they are on their task. Each task within each checklist also features comments sections where employees can give notes and added info for each part. If they encountered an issue, you’ll be able to know where on the process it happened.

Who should use it?

Process Street has features that make it the perfect tool for on-boarding and training new hires within various departments, from human resources to marketing.

Even customer-facing teams can benefit greatly from incorporating this tool into their work as it makes client onboarding simple for customers to use and support teams to track. Evan Markiles of FlashFunders agrees, “It's the best tool we've found that allows for seamless sharing and communication with those outside the company as well as those inside.”

The little overlooked details could sometimes create the biggest problems. “If you're in sales, a checklist can mean the difference between meeting your sales goals and slipping behind. If you're building a website, a checklist can mean the difference between launching on time and missing your deadline.” says Stephanie Fisher of SpinWeb

Everyone can benefit from a reliable tool that lays out processes in clear checklists to monitor progress. Process Street enables companies to stay organized and minimize (even eliminate) avoidable mistakes.

What does it give you?

Image from Process Street.
Image from Process Street.

Simple and straight-forward interface.

A Net Presence team leader, Yoel Ben-Avraham shares “One of Process Street’s strengths is its simplicity.”—and we couldn’t agree more! You and your team don’t have time for overly complicated and bulky tools. Process Street is as straightforward to use as the main feature it offers. You can easily create templates, run checklists yourself or assign them to team members for execution. It’s intuitive and the set-up takes no time at all.

Secure team collaborations.

You can use this tool even for confidential processes. You have full control over who can create, edit, view, and execute templates and checklists. You don’t have to worry about different people having access to another employee’s process or progress.

Assigning checklists also provide employees with accountability and responsibility to accomplish tasks in a given time frame. It is also collaborative and multiple team members can work to complete one checklist. The more you and your team use it, the more time you save. “If you commit to the program, which uses your existing systems, you will get more work done in a shorter period of time with no mistakes.” Says Frank Marciano at Marciano Law.

Our experience with Process Street

We have multiple departments using this tool. In Marketing, we used to create .doc files for new processes. While it provides documentation, it does very little else. A team member will read the Word file once and execute processes from memory, which can be troublesome for tasks that require dozens of steps to be accomplished.

Process Street really helped with improving our processes. We love how it is fully customizable and is accessible anywhere being a web-based tool. The scheduling option is extremely helpful for us. We can plan our day-to-day processes in the marketing department via Process Street and we don’t have to worry about missed steps and forgotten tasks.

It’s an incredibly simple app but it serves as our tool for process documentation, task tracking, and to do list all rolled into one! While our marketing campaigns are complex, the execution is made a lot less complicated. It has made our processes go a lot smoother and at the end of the day, we are confident that nothing has been forgotten.

Have you used Process Street in your workflow? How was the experience? Share in the comments!

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Edsel Mendoza

Edsel is Bolton Remote's remote staffing ambassador. He is currently on an educational crusade to help people see that remote staffing isn't what everyone thinks it is.
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About Edsel Mendoza

Edsel is Bolton Remote's remote staffing ambassador. He is currently on an educational crusade to help people see that remote staffing isn't what everyone thinks it is.

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