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Image by StartupStockPhotos.
Image by StartupStockPhotos.

The world of marketing is always changing and growing more competitive by the day. The best strategies involve practices that are as innovative as the product or service you’re providing, but going back to basics and applying tried and tested tactics can be just as worthwhile.

Help your team set up marketing strategies that yield results by incorporating these tips gleaned from industry experts:

Incorporate storytelling in your content.

Some marketers are branding themselves as ‘storytellers’ these days, and for good reason: storytelling is an effective marketing technique. “It brings a human element to your brand and customers can relate.” shares Kevin Pereira, founder of GrooveJar in a interview with Derek Miller (Digital Marketing Advice for Startup Entrepreneurs, from Startup Entrepreneurs).

He says your company’s transparency can be a marketing asset. “Be honest about what your company is doing, talk about marketing successes or blunders.” Include sharing your own stories and practices into your content marketing. Share how to collaborate in a remote set up. Tell the story of how your idea grew into a business. It’s all about humanizing your brand.

In one of Startup Commons’ blogposts, 5 Brand Marketing Tips for Startups, Birute Birgelyte suggests including customers in the storytelling. “Encourage your customers to share their experience of using your product or service.” Your marketers can conduct interviews or create infographics on statistics based from user feedback.

Be selective of social media networks.

A social media presence is crucial, but for John Rampton of Adogy, this doesn’t mean you need to be in all social media networks to be effective. “Your time dedicated to social media is already at a premium.” he shares in his Forbes article, 10 SEO Tips for Marketing Your Startup in 2015. “Some background research can then direct you to the social media network where the majority of your target demographic dwells, allowing you to focus on that one.”

Singer Executive Development’s Andy Singer further explains how to focus your social strategy in Down to Business: Seven Marketing Tips for Startups: “Don't confuse the two markets. B2B and B2C require different approaches.” Allowing your social media marketer to focus on the right networks will give him or her the opportunity to grow and nurture a community.

Develop mobile marketing as soon as possible.

In 3 Marketing Tips for Startups from Performance Marketing Insights Berlin, WhatRunsWhere marketing coordinator Megan Gardner says it’s necessary for companies to use all digital channels available, “The most successful campaigns will involve a fully integrated experience that incorporates several channels.”

Start with mobile. Mobile marketers should already be part of your remote marketing team. More people use their mobile devices than their desktop for internet use. According to a survey by MarketingCharts, time spent with mobile apps now exceeds desktop web access, and this has been the case since January 2014.

Be responsive and interact with your online community.

Marketing involves reputation management and projecting a company persona in line with your mission and vision. You can best put this to practice by the way you interact with your network.

Among Stefanie Isabel Kobsa of Linkbird’s tips in 10 Easy Marketing Tips to Boost Your Company’s Online Visibility, she suggests marketing teams to “provide timely (and humble) responses to both criticism and praise.” This is where your remote marketing team comes in handy. Working on different locations, you have multiple time zones covered, ensuring all feedback and engagements are acted upon.

Show social responsibility and give back.

In the Huffington Post article, 6 Expert Marketing Tips for Startups, author Shayla R. Price suggests something different: increase your charitable efforts. “It's not all about donating money. Instead, offer professional development classes” You don’t do good deeds for the purpose of marketing, but it does give you a favorable presence. “Your business's involvement will show community support and introduce you to prospective clients.”

Encourage your remote marketing staff to suggest charitable institutions within their locations that you may be able to help out with your product or service.

Don’t stop learning about your craft and industry.

MoversCorp CEO Margarita Hakobyan says marketing is successful when marketers stay current, “looking to other businesses, startups, entrepreneurs, and professionals, we can avoid some of the common pitfalls in our business.”

She also shares other valuable insights in 3 Things the Most Successful Startups Can Teach Us About Marketing, saying that when you learn from others, make sure you also offer your own expertise. “No business succeeds in a vacuum, after all, and entrepreneurs learn through sharing tips and connecting with colleagues.”

Your marketers should stay educated and up to date about the product or service they’re marketing, too. Online marketing expert Lukasz Zelezny shares in Top 5 Online Marketing Tips for Startups that marketing requires companies and teams to “prove yourself to be an authority in your niche.”

Working with marketers who know to combine fresh ideas with these proven techniques will help you create and implement winning marketing strategies that don’t just generate leads, but also create and sustain a brand reputation you can be proud of.

Which marketing tips have worked for you? Share in the comments!

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