Manage Your Online Reputation with Your Remote Marketing Team

Image by Jeshu Josh
Image by Jeshu Josh

Your remote marketing dream team is there to build your brand, but they also serve another major purpose: to manage your reputation.

Reputation management is more than replying to negative feedback. According to Tim Kelsey of Pronto Marketing, it’s about “controlling how your business and your products and / or services are perceived, and then maintain a positive reputation for your company as a whole and for your brand.”

When is the best time to start managing your reputation? The answer is immediately—as soon as your remote marketing team is in place. “You have to look at reputation management as an on-going strategy that you need to invest in before a crisis happens.” says Kristi Hines for Advanced Web Marketing.

So, how can you and your remote marketing team work together to manage your online reputation?

1. Check everywhere for brand or company mentions.

Your marketing staff should stay on top of every little mention there is of your brand on the web. This includes news articles, social mentions, blogs, reviews, and even posts on forums. Aside from Google Alerts, have your remote team check for your brand name using these tools:

  • SocialSearcher – a powerful tool that allows you to check mentions across multiple social media networks as well as the web.
  • Trackur – aside from social media monitoring, it also provides message board and forum checks.
  • ReviewPush – collects all reviews about your company in review sites, sends you a notification, and gives you the option to write an immediate response via email.

If you’ve just launched a product or a new feature, you may want to assign some of your remote marketing staff to monitor initial comments and feedback so you can make necessary adjustments and improvements as soon as possible.

2. Respond to mentions, reviews, and especially criticism.

The great thing about having offshore remote marketers is that you can actually respond to every mention of your brand round the clock and as soon as it happens. A bad review doesn’t have to be up for very long without your response—and it shouldn’t be! A survey conducted by Search Engine Land says 88% of people trust online reviews as much as they do word of mouth recommendations. If a bad review gets traction without your acknowledgement, it will be that much harder to do damage control.

How do you deal with negative feedback? It’s all about your remote marketer’s disposition. “By responding in a fair, polite, and apologetic manner, you can actually have a positive effect on your online reputation.” says Mark Potter of Treat your bad review as a challenge to your remote team. This is their moment to show grace under scrutiny.

You can use to monitor what’s being said about your brand online. It gives you a comprehensive and complete view of sentiments about your company while recommending which comments, mentions, and reviews you should respond to for maximum engagement.

3. Be proactive with your online reputation.

It’s tempting to message an irate client to take down a negative mention. “While occasionally reputation management can involve requests or demands that negative content be removed from the web, that’s neither a reliable nor effective strategy.” advises Rebecca Lieb in an article for MarketingLand. The better course of action is to move forward.

Allow your marketing team to shine by letting them build on your good name. Being global talents, your remote marketers will be able to position your brand properly, creating content and constructing a social media presence that is positive and pleasing around the world. “If you're proactive, you should be able to resolve most issues directly with customers before they become bigger problems.” says Ian Mills, CEO of Magicdust.

4. Practice what you preach.

The best way you can project a great online reputation is to be worthy of this reputation. There’s only so much your marketer can do if your company continues to perform badly, provide subpar products and services, or treat employees poorly.

Always make sure your product is of the quality you’re advertising. Ensure the service you provide is the same way, if not better. It doesn’t hurt to treat your employees well, whether they’re in the office or working remotely. After all, they help you deliver work that sustains your good name.

Online reputation management is more than putting out fires started by unsatisfied customers or disgruntled clients and ex-employees. It’s a constant process, and something you and your remote team should always stay on top of. Make sure all your processes are geared towards sustaining a great online reputation.

Have you used any of these tools for reputation management?

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Bolton Remote helps businesses grow with dedicated remote teams. To find out more about remote staffing, visit