How to Get Influencers to Work with Your Brand

Image from Pixabay.
Image from Pixabay.

You and your employees are usually the best people to advocate for your brand, but there is another group of people that will boost your business unlike any other: influencers. Let’s take a look at this infographic from influencer platform, The Shelf:

Courtesy of: The Shelf

From this, it’s clear that people are more likely to trust suggestions from industry leaders. If you want to get that kind of exposure, it’s time to take influencer marketing seriously.

Companies approach Bolton Remote to help them build offshore remote teams, including marketing teams dedicated to audience engagement. You can make the most out of this hiring setup by dedicating remote marketers to nurture your relationship with influencers.

Gear your marketing strategies to focus on influencers. Here are some strategies you can implement to effectively build relationships with them:

1. Choose the right influencers.

Look for people who are big names within your industry. Influencer marketing is not about casting a wide net and trying to get your name mentioned by anyone with over a few thousand Twitter followers. If the personality’s network is not your target audience, you won’t likely get the exposure you need.

“Select influencers that are genuinely interested in your product / solution and content.” suggests Siegel Gale CMO Margaret Molloy. Influencers who will be interested in your product are more likely to enthusiastically encourage their network as well as give honest and informed reviews about your product or service.

Don’t go for the big leagues just yet. Mid-level influencers may not have the same number of followers as public figures in your industry, they’re more likely to get engagement from their followers—over 16x more engagement, according to

2. Follow them everywhere.

Make sure you’re following your influencers in social networks you use. Start by sharing their content, replying to their updates, and participating in discussions they initiate. You never know when these influencers are online and in the mood for a conversation, remote social media marketers can stay on top of influencer activity, making sure you’re always engaging with what they have to share.

Carter Hostelley for CMS Wire says that social media “can be a great way to discover the influencers you — and more importantly your buyers — care about.” but it also introduces the influencer to your company or brand, making it seem less like you’re coming in cold when you start sending email outreaches or private messages.

Plus, they’ll appreciate the increase in followers and chances are, they will reciprocate, earning you top quality followers.

3. Mention them in your content and make it good.

More often than not, the influencers in your industry are also its experts. When you quote or reference them in your content, it adds authority to your posts. You’ll benefit by creating content of value while helping your influencers gain exposure from your network.

Using this tactic, influencer outreach becomes easier, “it’s much easier to reach out and let them know about your piece of content.” says Christopher Grimmer, co-founder of Snappa. Make sure the content you write that mentions them is high quality.

Influencers are mindful of the content they expose their followers to, “an influencer won’t want to share poor content with their audience as it will reflect badly on them” shares Kit Smith for Brandwatch. Even if you give them praise in a piece of content, if it is poorly crafted, they’re not likely to share it.

4. Always think of what you can do for them.

When attempting to engage with influencers, make sure the email you send is short and to the point. Link them to the post where they are mentioned in a friendly manner. Avoid telling them or expecting them to share your post. They will know the best way to share your content to gain maximum exposure.

If it is possible, try to sweeten the deal. You can offer up free products or discounts to your service. If what you have is something that interests them, it will be easy to get them to talk about your company to their audience.

Remember, “relationships with influencers are not a one-way partnership that benefits you alone.” says Wojtek Mazur, co-founder of Elephante. Go the extra mile in making honest and authentic connections with influencers and you won’t have trouble getting them to help your brand get exposure.

To Sum Up

Whether you market to consumers or other businesses “decision makers rely on peers and colleagues more than product reviews, vendor content, salespeople or any other source when it comes to making purchase decisions.” according to an International Data Corporation research.

Getting the who’s who of your industry to vouch for your brand, or even just share your content will go a long way in exposing you to new audiences as well as encouraging your existing network to convert and make a purchase.

Find offshore remote marketers who know how to communicate with leaders, influencers, and decision-makers. We can help you there. Visit us at and we’ll send qualified candidates within 3 days.

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Bolton Remote helps businesses grow with dedicated remote teams. To find out more about remote staffing, visit