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Growth is a top concern for startups and small businesses at any stage. Companies in the early stages are concerned with lead generation amidst a crowded and competitive marketplace. The pressure is on for marketers to drive awareness, boost sales, and increase demand for their company.

Today’s marketers are employing a relatively new strategy: growth hacking.

Coined in 2010 by marketer Sean Ellis, growth hacking is more than a strategy, it’s a mindset. A growth hacker is “a person whose true north is growth. Everything they do is scrutinized by its potential impact on scalable growth.”

Where to begin? According to Gonzalo Sanchez of Piktochart, you do this by defining users persona as "Customer development, understanding your target audience and being able to segment them correctly and talk to them differently is the secret sauce to startup success." Knowing your audience well will allow you to determine the right strategies for growth hacking.

Once you've defined your persona, it's time to hack aspects of your digital marketing strategy to boost growth. Here are some tips you and your remote marketers can use:

Hack Your Content for Traffic Acquisition

According to Garrett Moon of Todaymade, a content marketer with a “growth” mindset should be guided by these three presets when creating content: “growth in traffic, growth in the content base, and growth in the bottom line.” Once your marketer creates compelling content, you can help it gain viewership by using these tools:

  • Outbrain helps promote chosen articles on ‘From Around the Web’ sections of major online publications.
  • Markerly makes important quotes and images shareable in one click, allowing you to expand your reach to your readership’s networks.

Hack Your Web Design for Better Conversions

As growth entails generating as many leads as possible, your web developer should be geared towards that goal. This means, they should be able to create a look and feel that directs your visitors to key pages and encourage them to action. You can use these tools to analyze how you can improve your site better to generate leads and increase conversions:

  • SessionCam records mouse gestures from your visitors to see their process as they look through your website.
  • Clicktale tracks visitor behavior and creates website analysis with the use of heatmap technology.

Hack Your Email Marketing for More Engagements

There are tools your remote email marketers can use to automate the process of sending highly-targeted emails regardless of time zone differences. Using these tools, you can boost engagements and turn leads into clients or customers:

  • Vero has user-triggered email campaigns that allow your email marketers to send automated emails for users who have started the sign-up process for your service or abandoned a cart at checkout before buying your product.
  • Sendwithus is another tool that can help your email marketers create transactional emails your recipients will want to act on. This is especially useful for remote teams as your marketers won’t have to wait for your remote engineers to code emails as they are created for email marketers who don’t code.

Hack Your Market Research for Improved Strategies

Growth is also about improvement. You can better serve your audience by collecting, analyzing, and acting on user feedback round the clock with the help of your remote marketing team. Get valuable insight by using these tools:

  • Typeform helps you create questionnaires and surveys people will actually fill out. They allow marketers to create interactive forms that only improve--not disrupt--the experience on your site.
  • Qualaroo is a powerful survey tool that helps you understand visitor behaviors and reactions so you know exactly what can be improved upon regarding site experience, content, or product to meet your growth goals.

Your marketing team, wherever they may be working or however they are dispersed, must be unified by a growth mindset as they go about their process. It’s a tough market out there for startups. It takes ingenious, game-changing methods to be noticed and to gain traction. You need global-minded marketers with out-of-the-box thinking for best results.

Have you tried these or other growth hacking strategies for your business?

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Bolton Remote helps businesses grow with dedicated remote teams. To find out more about remote staffing, visit
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Bolton Remote helps businesses grow with dedicated remote teams. To find out more about remote staffing, visit

  • Hey there! Great post and thanks for the mention! More and more companies are being founded by remote teams, and these tools are super useful. One quick thing: those aren't really my words, but a quote I got from Sean Ellis (I think). Just a heads up! :)