Documenting Your Process and 3 Other Ways to Keep Your Marketing Efforts Organized

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In a survey done by OfficeMax, the true cost of disorganization was revealed. It hurts productivity, according to 77% of respondents. This isn’t surprising. What’s unexpected, however, is that over half of employees say that disorganization demotivates them to do good work.

At Bolton Remote, we help companies find offshore remote staff and we confirm that being organized contributes to a remote team’s success.

In marketing, when you have a small team managing work that’s usually meant for more people, you need to keep them motivated and focused. Here are a few ways to ensure your marketing strategies are organized:

1. Document your process.

Doing daily processes from memory is a bad idea. “When your brain is busy trying to keep track of the many details that are floating around your head, you begin to feel stressed out and overwhelmed.” says Sydni Craig-Hart of Smart Simple Marketing. The same goes for your marketers. Remembering what needs to be done takes up a lot of time and brain power and you won’t remember everything.

Instead of relying on memory, write everything down. Make sure your marketers have their processes documented. Create a knowledge base your employees can refer to. SweetProcess is a tool you can use to document your process in a detailed and easily accessed database.

2. Organize all files.

This should go without saying, but according to office supply company Esselte, employees waste six weeks out of the year just looking for files in their computer or desktop. Include file name formats in your process documentation, and make sure your team complies. This is especially imperative for remote marketing teams. Make sure all files are labeled properly and placed in their correct locations when they’re needed for collaborative projects.

Schedule a day each month or quarter for your team to organize and clean up their files. “File organization is one of those things you need to be consistent with in order for it to work effectively.” says Alyssa Gregory for Small Business Bonfire.

3. Use one task manager.

It’s tempting to use multiple tools, especially when one doesn’t have all the features you need. Managing numerous tools, especially for task management, is akin to having a cluttered desk full of loose sheets of paper where you’ve scribbled down notes.

Pick one tool and stick to it. Having all tasks in one place makes it easier for your marketers to know where to check for what to do. The simpler and intuitive it is, the better. A lightweight app that syncs across devices like Todist ensures your marketers can access their tasks from anywhere, and with no issues.

4. Streamline your communications.

Personal disorganization may hinder your marketing efforts, but not as much as disorganized team management will. Marketing requires every team member to be on the same page and you do this through proper and strategic communication. “For it to be effective, recognize that communication is a process, and by that, context, including barriers, have to be addressed.” says Maricel Rivera of Comindware.

When there is no communication structure, it becomes impossible to check who is accountable for a task and track the status of a project. The result are poorly monitored marketing channels and campaigns that take up a lot of time, but gain minimal results.

There you have it. A few actionable tips should improve how your marketers implement your strategies. When there are processes in place and tools that help your marketers stay organized, you’ll find your marketing campaigns delivering better results.

Experienced marketers have processes that improve and organize your campaigns to increase results. Make sure you get the right people by maximizing your hiring options. Visit and we’ll help you find remote global talent for your marketing.

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Bolton Remote helps businesses grow with dedicated remote teams. To find out more about remote staffing, visit
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Bolton Remote helps businesses grow with dedicated remote teams. To find out more about remote staffing, visit