Designing a Remote Team Culture that Attracts Great Marketers

Image by Jay Mantri
Image by Jay Mantri

Acquiring great employees is a lot like winning over clients: you find out what they’re looking for and make sure you address that need. For today’s talents, it’s not always about joining the biggest company. It’s about the bigger picture: does the company align with their vision?

Small business coach Carl Dierschow’s webinar, Attracting Amazing Employees, promotes culture as the best way to showcase your company’s vision and get high-performing employees with the same values to work for you.

“Making a risky move requires a deep belief in the venture you’re joining.” Says Dan Yoo, former VP of business operations who left LinkedIn to become the COO of NerdWallet, a startup. “You can’t throw your heart into your work if you don’t believe in the mission.” For top talents, taking a chance on your startup or small business is a risk, but it can be a worthwhile leap when great vision meets great culture.

Culture is especially essential in building marketing teams. Your marketing staff must know, understand, and imbibe your culture as they help build your brand. “the output is necessarily reflective of its origins.” Says Beans Velocci, editor for Content Equals Money. A culture that is aligned with a broad and positive company vision will help your marketing team promote a brand that echoes these good qualities.

To showcase your company’s values and culture to prospective hires, Carl suggests transparency. This is even more crucial when you’re trying to build a remote marketing staff and you don’t have a traditional office culture.

Carl mentions numerous reasons why great companies attract great people. Here are 3 you can apply when building a remote marketing team culture:

1) Reinforce team-work.

“Make teamwork one of your core company values,” says Peter Economy, in an article for Inc.Com. “Put a clear emphasis on self-managing teams that are empowered to make their own decisions.” Hovering won’t get you very far with your remote marketing team, nor will it encourage others to join. Give them the authority to implement a campaign on their own terms. This promotes a culture of trust as well as responsibility.

Providing tools that allow for connection and cooperation will improve teamwork among your marketing employees. Fuze is a tool specifically designed for video conferencing while Zoom has security features so your team can converse, collaborate, and create securely online.

2) Allow for humanity.

Having remote marketing staff means you have team members dispersed around the globe, working on varying time zones. A culture that is considerate of varying schedules and cultural differences could help you attract global talents better.

Groove’s remote team setup considers the individual working styles of each employee, “We have a 15-minute team call every Monday morning that everyone attends. That’s when we make sure that we’re all on the same page about accomplishments from the previous week, and goals, deliverables and challenges for the coming week.” according to Alex Turnbull. The rest of the time, team members have carte blanche to accomplish their tasks for the week however and whenever they see fit.

Take it up a notch by cultivating a culture that puts a premium on health. Buffer equips their remote team with Jawbone UP, a fitness tool that tracks activity, sleep, and more. A culture that is considerate of a remote team member’s well-being reveals compassion and value for individuals.

3) Reward contribution and creativity.

A culture that rewards and recognizes creativity is attractive to any quality marketing job seeker. Marketers like to be heard, and appreciate an environment open to ideas and risk. It’s the kind of remote team culture WP Curve tries to implement to celebrate achievements.

A tool like YouEarnedIt makes it easy to incentivize accomplished tasks remotely. They even have features that allow fellow team members to recognize and reward a colleague’s good work. This improves relations among your remote marketing staff. An “encouraging environment helps build connections on the team where everyone has a say.” says authority for internet startups, Dan Virgillito. Celebrating wins show that you run a company that appreciates employees who go the extra mile.

It is culture that attracts amazing employees, and culture is what will make them stay. Create a remote culture that prioritizes long term and enduring benefits.

Be honest and transparent with your company culture. In this way, you’ll be able to hire individuals that aren’t just technically qualified, but also happy to work for your company. As marketing is largely collaborative and requires team work, make sure you attract and hire compatible talents to work together. A great culture builds great teams that build great businesses.

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