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It’s not easy to build a strong online presence, so it’s no surprise that digital marketing is an involved process, “as a practice it is starting to mature with a focus on better data, process and governance.” says digital strategist Brendan Regan.

Digital marketing takes a village to execute, but startups and small businesses can make its growth scalable by bringing in remote employees and start off with key players, expanding as the need arise. Here’s a step by step guide to building your own remote digital marketing team:

Step # 1: Figure out your goals.

When you’re only starting out with digital marketing, your goal is to build brand awareness. “Your digital marketing objectives should align with your overall business objectives” says Ian Dodson, director and co-founder of the Digital Marketing Institute. “Before you identify who will resource your digital marketing tactics you must identify the objectives you would like your team to achieve.”

Once you know your goals, you have a better idea of what you need to carry them out. It’s not surprising for your first hires to carry out multiple roles in the beginning. “As long as your team members can handle doing everything you’re asking them to, combining jobs is perfectly fine.” says Julie Neidlinger of CoSchedule. This is where remote staffing comes in handy, you’ll be able to search for highly skilled multi-talented employees from all around the world.

Step # 2: Find a content creator.

The first rule of digital marketing? Content is king. Your digital marketing largely hinges on your content strategy. According to Sandra Gudat (CEO of Customer Communications Group), content marketing “can help establish your company as a trusted resource—keeping you top-of-mind when it's decision-making time.” Find a content creator that can write, design or illustrate, and produce videos, so you can create a dynamic marketing strategy.

Your content creator should know your company and your target customer base well. It’s the only way they can produce collateral that reflects your company identity. They must know how to generate content that is attention-grabbing, too. Trying to position yourself as a global brand? A remote content creator may provide you with a more global perspective, helping your company appeal to a wider market.

Step # 3: Hire a web developer.

Once your content strategy is picking up steam, you have to make sure your website is optimized. These days, optimization means your site should be engaging and intuitive for users, search engine crawlers, and various devices. Web developers are valuable to any digital marketing team. Once you expand your strategies to other web campaigns, they’ll be the ones who will make it executable.

Your web developer should be well versed in coding, but they should also be agile learners. Technology and code are always changing and they should be able to keep up. “The best digital hires you can make are specialists in their specific areas with a broad understanding of the digital marketing landscape.” says digital marketing executive Zara Burke.

Make responsive design a top priority once you have a web developer on board. According to a report by Mary Meeker during the 2015 code conference, people spend most of their time consuming digital media on their mobile devices than their computers. Chances are, if you’re only getting serious about digital marketing now, your prospective customer’s first point of contact with your company is through a mobile device.

Step # 4: Get a social media specialist.

Your company website is optimized to perfection, and your blog is helping you establish authority—what’s next? Boosting your online presence through social media!

Do you need one person solely for social media? Yes. “This person’s entire job is to make sure that you are not only posting relevant content but engaging with followers” says Firas Kittaneh, CEO of Amerisleep and One Mall Group. Someone naturally personable and helpful is a good fit.

You need someone to focus on your brand’s reputation. It will be their job to manage, even protect your public persona. They must be great communicators and in tune with internet trends that will help keep your company relevant. A remote social media specialist is a great fit for your would-be global brand as they have experience in communicating and engaging with people from all around the globe.

Step # 5: Grow your team.

Once you have your core marketing team, your initial hires can move up and become Creative Directors, Marketing Strategists, or Project Managers. “Let people grow into their roles as the company grows.” suggests OpenView’s Kyle Lacy.

Hire other specialists able to execute advanced digital marketing campaigns. “As you grow your digital marketing team, you will want some dedicated team members in place to ensure that you are meeting organizational objectives and always driving towards optimization.” shares Catina Martinez, account director at DemandGen.

It's important to find the right people. A team composed of creative, driven talents with experience and the right skills will be able to carry out current digital marketing strategies. Hiring remote team members allow you to search the world and employ as many highly qualified workers as you see fit, without costing your business too much.

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Bolton Remote helps businesses grow with dedicated remote teams. To find out more about remote staffing, visit
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Bolton Remote helps businesses grow with dedicated remote teams. To find out more about remote staffing, visit

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