Bananatag: A Power Tool for Effective Email Marketing and Remote Project Management


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In today’s feature, we talk about Bananatag, a tool for email tracking.

Image by Bananatag
Image by Bananatag

Email marketing is an integral component of any good branding or promotion strategy. Knowing its importance, we’re always looking for ways to improve our strategies. Bananatag has proven indispensable on that respect. By using this tool, we don’t have to wait for our clients to respond to our email to know whether our methods work. Through their email tracking feature, we’re able to assess recipient behavior and make adjustments accordingly.

What does it do?

Bananatag is an email tracking tool that tells users exactly what happens with every email sent. “Tracking email marketing campaigns is essential to measure your success or lack of-if that happens then you will know what to do next time around.” says marketer Pel Hughes. Bananatag can give info on when the email was opened, where it was opened, and other interactions such as clicking on links inside the message.

They also have email alerts so users can find out the precise moment when the recipient opened the message. They’re also compatible to use with other email clients. When using Bananatag, there’s no need to use other mail providers just to send and receive trackable emails. Bananatag is compatible with Gmail, Yahoo, Outlook, and other mail clients.

Their metrics overview is extremely helpful when assessing marketing campaigns. “You can see how the recipient ratio is working out for you.” shares pro-blogger Nate Balcom “you can get an idea of what works and what doesn’t, giving you the opportunity to adjust and alter campaigns that are less fruitfully than others.”

Who should use it?

Marketing teams gain the most benefit from this tool. As Bananatag’s metrics measure clicks and actions by recipients, marketers can make tweaks to their campaign to yield better results.

It is also helpful for entrepreneurs who work with remote staff. When managing remote team members, you expect them to be responsive. “The majority of people (52%) who send a work-related email expect a reply within 12 and 24 hours.” says Market Watch personal finance reporter, Quentin Fottrell. Using Bananatag for your internal communications helps you gauge your employee’s responsiveness.

This use for email tracking has benefits for the remote employee, too. “There is a sense of courtesy when it comes to workplace communication,” says author Dan Schawbel, in an interview. “If you aren’t responsive to emails, it paints a negative image of you as lazy at work.” Bananatag tells employers that their remote staff is working on the message, regardless of actual replies.

What does it give you?

Indispensable Add-Ons for Email Marketing

“Think of Bananatag like iMessage or BBM for your email,” says Whitson Gordon in an article for LifeHacker. Its email tracking feature can tell you if and when the email you sent was opened, yes, but it’s more than that. Bananatag also offers email scheduling. Users can send emails at the best time for their recipients.

Working with international clients and customers? You don’t have to send ill-timed emails that could get buried under other emails, or worse, purposely ignored simply because it reached them in the middle of the night. You can even incorporate Bananatag as soon as you sign up for their service. The tool is “easy to set up and even easier to use”, says Charnita Fance for Make Tech Easier.

Image by Bananatag
Image by Bananatag

They also have options for the user’s own email management. You can schedule when you receive emails, “snooze” low-priority messages for later, and set reminders to avoid forgetting to respond to an email entirely. Bananatag really provides the user more control over their own inbox.

Powerful New Features

Bananatag has improved with new features like their email templates. “It can be incredibly expensive for a small business owner to hire design help for their email marketing needs” says Murray Newlands, contributor for Fortunately, using Bananatag, they provide you with templates optimized to encourage recipients to action.

You can now also track activity on your attachments. Not only will you know if your attachment has been downloaded, you can also find out if they viewed specific pages. Bananatag’s platform even tells you how long a recipient spent on your attachment, if they printed any pages, or if they forwarded it to other people.

Our experience with Bananatag

We’ve been using YesWare to track emails and eventually, we signed up for their paid subscription. We weren’t able to maximize the upgrade, however, as the function that we needed—Mail Merge—was only available for a more expensive plan. After our subscription ended, we reverted back to their free plan, but were on the lookout for email tracking tools that will help us with our new email marketing campaign.

Fortunately, we discovered Bananatag and was able to communicate with Eric Larocque, their Director of Business Development. We tried it out and we’ve been loving it ever since! We especially love their team function. We have three people sending emails with Bananatag and we’re able to easily compile all their data.

Email is still more successful for conversion than all other marketing strategies. How successful? According to a study conducted by Nora Aufreiter, Julien Boudet, and Vivian Weng from global management consulting firm, McKinsey & Company, email is 40x more effective for acquiring new clients than connecting through Facebook or Twitter.

“You’ll be surprised how influential a really well executed email can be in motivating a user even after they’ve reached your site.” says Aaron Beach in an article for CMO Essentials, and Bananatag has certainly helped us achieve this. This tool has been very helpful and we’ve had no problems.

Have you used Bananatag for your business? How was your experience? Tell us about it in the comments, or send an email at

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