7 Social Media Tips and Tools for Your Remote Marketing Team

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There are over 2.03 billion active social media accounts today. That’s a very large market you can potentially reach if you do your social media marketing correctly.

For startups, social media marketing is usually focused on four major platforms: Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and LinkedIn. Your social media specialists need to apply different strategies for each to achieve your marketing goals.

Here are some tips they can apply on social media to boost your presence as well increase engagement on these four platforms:

Launch Facebook campaigns and contests.

According to a study done by KontestApp, Facebook pages see a 34% boost in new fans whenever they hold contests. When including this marketing strategy, make sure you do it right. ShortStack helps marketers conduct social media contests they will actually participate in. They have Facebook app features your social media specialists can use to create customized contests.

Time Tweets when followers are most active.

It’s not enough that your social media marketers tweet often. Make sure they are tweeting when your audience will most likely to see it. Instead of guessing the best time to tweet your marketers can use Tweriod to determine the golden hour for tweeting based on 1000 of your followers. If you need more data based on more followers, SocialBro offers different types of analytics using all followers.

Conduct chats with your Twitter followers.

Your marketers can interact with your followers in a unique way by conducting regular chats over Twitter. With your remote team setup, you’ll be able to assign remote social media specialists to track the conversation, monitor engagements, and participate in real time. Tchat.io’s interface makes the process a lot easier by automatically adding your designated hashtag to every tweet.

Examine how you and your competitors are doing on Google+.

The importance of this social media network cannot be underestimated. Being Google’s own product, your company’s presence on Google+ contributes to how it does on Google itself. GPlusData allows your social media marketers to assess how you are doing on the platform, how your competitors are faring, and how your followers and target audience use the platform.

Communicate regularly and effectively with LinkedIn connections.

The relationships your company builds over LinkedIn might be the most important connections you’ll develop online. It’s important for your social media marketers to nurture these relationships. Leverage your remote setup and have marketers available to engage with to contacts who respond at whatever time of day. They can do this effectively using tools like FiveHundredPlus, which allows them to manage your LinkedIn contacts, track conversations, and more.

Use LinkedIn profiles to send better emails.

According to a Marketing Sherpa survey, 60% of marketers still think emails produce return on investment. Your marketing strategy can have this ROI by sending optimized emails. Your marketers can integrate information on LinkedIn when writing emails to increase their chances of getting a response. Rapportive allows your remote staff to view LinkedIn profiles straight from their inbox.

Spend less time scheduling social media.

Your social media specialists will spend more time monitoring networks and engaging with the audience when they’re not always worried about content creation. Tools like PostPlanner will help them create bulk posts via Excel and the platform will take care of all the rest. They can spend a day or two planning and creating posts, and the rest of the time they’re building communities on social media.

Social media, when done right, is effective for inbound marketing, but it is also an invaluable tool for building a relationship with the audience. Make sure your remote social media specialists a leveraging all tools available to them. Make sure they’re not just applying the same techniques to all your accounts.

Which social media tips work best for your accounts?

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Bolton Remote helps businesses grow with dedicated remote teams. To find out more about remote staffing, visit BoltonRemote.com.