7 Design Collaboration Tools That Will Increase Your Team Productivity

Image by Unsplash.
Image by Unsplash.

The New Year is right around the corner, and you should be working hard with your marketing team to focus on strategies that show the most promise in 2016. At the top of these digital marketing trends is visual content. According to a survey by the Internet Marketing Association for Curalate, over half of marketers feel the pressure of producing more and better visuals to attract audiences.

At Bolton Remote, we help companies build offshore remote teams as well as find marketing teams. We see how vital design and visual content skills are for companies hiring marketers. Collaborating with a remote team about design is quite different from providing feedback on text-based output. With the right tools, you’ll be able to streamline the design process to speed things up.

Conceptualize and Collaborate

RealtimeBoard – you can have an effective brainstorming session even with a dispersed team. It works better than a white board. You can attach files, notes, images, or write concepts and ideas directly on the interface. It gives you and your team full visibility before the actual design process starts.

Share Square – communicate your ideas visually and help your designers start the right way. It’s especially helpful for remote teams who communicate asynchronously. You can upload images, text, and other files into a digital pin board your designers can refer to during project creation. They’ll be able to carry out your vision even without real-time communication.

Give Direct Feedback

GoVisually – you and your team can place comments directly on an image. It also features a drag and drop interface to allow your designers to swiftly update images with the latest version without filling up your storage with multiple files.

Red Pen – if you consult with experts, partners, and clients to make design decisions, this is the tool for you. Red Pen makes it easy to invite an unlimited number of collaborators to give feedback on a design project. All you have to do is share the project’s private link.

Discuss Different Projects

Framebench – annotate, markup, and discuss any file with your chosen collaborators. It also integrates with apps you’re already using like Basecamp and Dropbox. It also has a group chat feature per project, making real-time discussion easier and more focused.

Concept Inbox – a powerful tool that allows you to discuss a variety of design projects including app prototypes. It also offers version control, providing users access to all versions of their design for easier reference. You can also annotate visual projects like videos and PDFs.

Notism – this tool takes visual commenting a step further by providing tools enabling you to sketch out your feedback. You can leave sketches on images, videos, and even interactive prototypes. Your remote staff can also conduct real-time presentations over Notism, for a more formal presentation of designs.

To Sum Up

These are only some of the many tools out there developed to help you collaborate with your remote marketing team regarding design. When communicating about visual content and design, Brad Zeff, Head of Content at Giphy, has this to say: “Get your message across quickly, pack a punch, and make it as easy as possible to consume and engage.”

How do you collaborate remotely with your designers? Are there other tools you want to recommend?

Design and visual content are at the forefront of digital marketing in the next year. Hiring the right person is more important now than ever. Expand your hiring pool and go global. Visit www.BoltonRemote.com and you’ll be interviewing our best candidates within 3 days.

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Bolton Remote helps businesses grow with dedicated remote teams. To find out more about remote staffing, visit BoltonRemote.com.
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Bolton Remote helps businesses grow with dedicated remote teams. To find out more about remote staffing, visit BoltonRemote.com.

  • I'd suggest you to try ProofHub to get quick feedback on your design. This tool has native proofing tool which is very useful for designers.