5 Winning Digital Marketing Strategies for the Holidays

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Image by geralt

The holidays are fast approaching. Instead of taking it easy as the year winds down, you should take advantage of the season to connect with your audience in a different way. Tailor your digital marketing efforts to fit the season and you could benefit from the 80% of holiday shoppers who are influenced by digital efforts more than anything else.

At Bolton Remote, we help companies find offshore remote workers, including remote marketers. The holidays are a busy time, and remote marketing support really help local teams carry out unique campaigns this season.

Here are a few holiday-themed strategies to boost your digital marketing efforts:

1. Give away themed offers.

Sabrina Fenster of The Shelf shared with us some interesting infographics, and it’s clear that the holidays are responsible for a huge portion of sales in the year. Your company can enjoy the boost in business by making the most out of the holidays. One way is to offer deals. If there’s one thing B2C and B2B customers have in common, it’s appreciating a good deal. The holidays are as good a time as any to give your customers discounts or even freebies.

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Holiday offers won’t just give your holiday sales a boost, it might even win you a few customers. When customers get wind of great deals, they “may be more likely to stay (or switch) with your company in the New Year.” says Marcus Maraih of Standard Marketing.

GET STARTED: Figure out appropriate holiday-themed offers to market your services or products. Offer a 25% discount for Christmas. Have an End-Of-Year sale on underperforming products to give them a boost.

2. Focus on social media.

Use your social media presence to market your products over the holidays. According to Socialnomics, 67% of shoppers made purchases after finding a product on social media.

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It’s also great for keeping your brand relevant. “During the holidays, more people use social media than any other time of the year to keep track of all of the festivities.” says Lindsay Ouellette of Pulse Marketing Agency. An active social media presence will keep you top of mind as the New Year rolls in.

GET STARTED: ‘Decorate’ your social media accounts to reflect the season. Adding a splash of red and green to your cover photos shouldn’t hurt.

3. Give the gift of content.

How do you show your existing customers love during the holidays? When you’re lucky to have clients by the hundreds, (or more!) sending them all gift baskets isn’t a scalable option. It’s not so easy when you have global clients, either.

Why not make the most out of your existing content? According to Shelley Cernel of Knowledgetree “every piece of content you develop should have 5 uses or applications.” and this is a great time to test this out. Repackage them into something your clients would love to receive as gifts.

GET STARTED: Create an eBook out of your best posts. Having a remote marketing support team will help your local marketers put together an awesome downloadable package even during the holiday rush.

4. Get influencers talking about you.

Give your brand a leg up during the holidays by making sure key influencers have you on their Favorite Things list. Nine out of ten shoppers are more likely to trust reviews than sales pitches and advertisement.

Courtesy of: The Shelf

Reach out to influencers and give them a taste of your holiday offerings. If you’ve nurtured relationships with key influencers in your industry, getting them to post about you shouldn’t be difficult. Make sure what you offer is something they and their audience will be excited about.

GET STARTED: Note the influencers in your industry and start nurturing your relationship with them. Don’t just email them and expect an instant feature.

5. Show you care and be authentic.

A great way to connect with your customers during the holiday is to genuinely get in the spirit of the holidays. Digital Marketing company, Geary LSF suggests that whatever special marketing strategies you employ over the holidays, you must “show them you share their interests and concerns in an authentic manner.”

Authenticity and care during the holidays don’t just end with your customers. Throwing your employees a holiday party or even supporting a cause this season will position your company as one that gets into the spirit of the season.

GET STARTED: Plan your office party, and don’t forget to include your remote team in the festivities. Post a few photos on social media or even blog about the event.

What’s Your Holiday Game Plan?

When thinking about what your marketing will look like over the holidays, Lizzy Funk of Marketo shares good advice: “don’t be afraid to be creative and think outside of the traditional coupon.” Whether you’re marketing to consumers or other businesses, it’s not hard to leverage the holidays to give your sales a boost.

Which of these holiday marketing strategies are you implementing this year? Let us know in the comments.

The holidays are here and it’s time to wrap up the current year and prepare for the next one. Visit our website at www.BoltonRemote.com. We’ll help you build an offshore remote team that can help your company start strong for the New Year.

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Bolton Remote helps businesses grow with dedicated remote teams. To find out more about remote staffing, visit BoltonRemote.com.