5 Tools Every Marketer Needs to Create Great Content

Image by Body-n-Care.
Image by Body-n-Care.

“Content is king” has been the battle-cry of digital marketers since at least 2007. Years later, this hasn’t changed. What has changed, though, is the type of content people respond to, the amount of content available online, and the best times content should be shared.

With your remote team, timing shouldn’t be an issue. Your marketers can work round the clock to make sure your website and online profiles are regularly updated and constantly engaging with your audience.

That just leaves the quality of the content itself.

Whether you have a fully-staffed content team or two to three marketers dispersed around the world, they’ll be able to generate different types of content quickly without sacrificing quality.

How? By using the right tools:

Use CoSchedule’s Headline Analyzer to test titles.

Readers only take a few seconds before deciding whether a link is worth it or not. The deciding factor? Headlines. CoSchedule’s Headline Analyzer grades a blog title or email subject line based on multiple factors including character length and word usage.

Use Grammarly’s Online Proofreader to polish copy.

Do you know the cost of grammar mistakes? Your brand’s trustworthiness! Make sure the content your marketer writes up isn’t full of easily avoidable typos. If other team members aren’t available as extra eyes, this tool is the next best thing. It has advanced proofing capabilities and it even checks for plagiarism!

Use Canva to create great graphics.

According to Slidely CEO, Tom More, 40% of people respond better to visuals. Your illustrator on a different timezone than your writer? No problem! Your remote content writer can create simple blog titles and social media collaterals using Canva. It’s specifically designed for people who aren’t graphic designers.

Use Venngage to create infographics.

Want your content to be shared? Infographics are the way to go. 39% of B2B buyers shared infographics in 2014 and they can share yours too with the help of this tool. Your content team don’t have to spend days or even weeks creating infographics anymore. Using their wide array of templates and easy to use UI, they’ll be producing this type of content in no time!

Use PowToon to quickly produce videos.

YouTube enjoys over 4 billion views per day. You don’t need a videographer to get a slice of that pie. PowToon helps you generate videos people will actually watch without spending too much time on production and development. You can also use it to create presentations you can post on SlideShare or share within your network.

The web is overflowing with information, and you need exceptional content to rise above the noise. You can make sure the stuff you produce is up to scratch by leveraging tools that can help turn great ideas into awesome, shareable content.

Which tools does your content team swear by? Share in the comments.

Looking for content marketers who can create on-brand content your audience will respond to? We might have the people you’re looking for. Send us an email at info@BoltonRemote.com!

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Bolton Remote helps businesses grow with dedicated remote teams. To find out more about remote staffing, visit BoltonRemote.com.
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Bolton Remote helps businesses grow with dedicated remote teams. To find out more about remote staffing, visit BoltonRemote.com.