5 Must-Have Skills for Digital Marketers in 2016

5 Must-Have Skills for Digital Marketers in 2016
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We’re seeing more overlap of different online marketing skills this year. It’s no longer enough for content creators to simply be good writers. They should be designers and videographers, too. A web developer should also know how to develop for mobile, and it helps if social media managers can analyze data.

There’s more pressure for decision-makers to find marketers who can do it all and do it well. We see this trend at Bolton Remote, too. We’re constantly asked by companies to help them find multi-talented offshore remote marketers with a wide range of skills.

Part of a remote marketer’s success includes many skills that enable them to do more than provide support in-house teams with labor-intensive tasks. They need to have what it takes to act quickly and deliver results above and beyond expectations.

Non-Negotiable Digital Marketing Skills

You expect digital marketers to know about social media, email marketing, and content. Those skills should go without saying. But, when you’re in the market for marketers who will actually help your company grow, include these skills in your non-negotiables:

1. Multi-channel Management.

Your digital marketer should be thinking about each of your company’s social media profiles as different and separate channels. They must be community-driven, working towards increased engagement from your audiences.

They can’t do this with a one-size-fits-all approach. If messages on LinkedIn can wait overnight, Twitter followers won’t be as forgiving. A digital marketer should know how and when to respond to messages before you lose your audience due to lack of response time.

At present, only 11% of brands invest in replying at the right time after someone messages them on social media. Are you on the right side of the statistic? Remote marketers in your team will help you provide round the clock coverage. They may even provide insight when relating to global audiences.

2. Content Strategy.

According to inbound marketer Rahul Ghosh, “Having a constructive content strategy plan to generate more brand awareness is absolutely crucial in 2016.” This means, posting whatever article you can produce won’t cut it anymore.

A marketer with experience in content strategy will know how to leverage different types of content to produce a dynamic and consistent content calendar. This includes content repurposing and curation.

Part of every advanced digital marketing professional’s skillset must be content curation. When there’s demand to publish frequently without sacrificing quality, this will be is your best bet. They must know how to find content that is tailored to your audience and will encourage a response.

Hootsuite’s Evan LePage suggests marketers who consider “the audience, the style and tone, and the successes and failures of your previously posted content” in order to curate content that will be beneficial to your brand.

3. Design and Video.

Design and video know-how are definitely non-negotiable skills for today’s digital marketer. Whether or not you have a videographer and designer in your team, digital marketers with visual content experience will be able to help designers actualize visual campaigns a lot better.

According to Cecilia Desmond, a Morgan McKinley recruitment consultant, basic design skills are essential now. Video production skills are gaining demand when it comes to hiring for marketing positions, too. Cisco predicted that 80% of internet traffic will come from video by 2019. Get a jumpstart on this trend and hire marketers who know design and video production.

4. Data Analysis.

How do you measure your marketing ROI? How do you know if your campaigns are working favorably to help your business reach your goals? Through data analysis, of course.

Knowing how to read and interpret data is an acquired skill, something serious digital marketers should invest time in mastering. It’s more than measuring vanity metrics. True analytics can help marketers “create the right messages and content-- communications that will be more likely to drive actions that lead to the business outcomes their companies want." says Direct Marketing News’s Natasha D. Smith.

5. Coding and Other Technical Skills.

A digital marketer ideally oversees everything related to your online presence. For this reason, they’re the first people to catch errors. A marketer with enough tech savvy to fix tiny errors will save you time and ensure your online profiles and websites are glitch-free as much as possible.

Nora Leary, co-founder of Launchway Media suggests hiring managers to include basic coding skills as a requirement to qualify for a marketing position: “with SEO and content marketing blending so heavily, basic HTML and CSS skills are a requirement for any marketer.”

If statistics from Formstack are any indication, today’s company leaders are starting to see the necessity. Two out of four new hires for marketing positions will be required coding experience when applying for jobs this year.

Your business will need a focused, strategic, and highly-skilled digital marketer to give it an edge in the global market. More importantly, online marketing is a constantly evolving profession and you need people on your team who can adapt and stay on top of emerging trends and best practices.

Finding a marketer with the complete skillset is a tall order. Expand your search and include offshore remote workers. Visit our website at www.BoltonRemote.com and we’ll help you find marketing candidates who tick all your boxes.

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Bolton Remote helps businesses grow with dedicated remote teams. To find out more about remote staffing, visit BoltonRemote.com.
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Bolton Remote helps businesses grow with dedicated remote teams. To find out more about remote staffing, visit BoltonRemote.com.