5 Essential Email Tips Your Marketers Can Do Today



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Do you know which marketing strategy gives you the most bang for your buck?


According to Mark Gottlieb, email marketing delivers the highest return on investment--Nearly $45 for every dollar spent, in fact.

Your company can reap this kind of benefit too, if you hire the right marketers, and only if your email marketing is done well.

We have a few simple tips to help your email marketers, as well as some tools to help them:

Write clear and conversational copy.

Most people don’t like long, complicated emails. In fact, most of them only read the first few sentences. Your contacts will likely respond if your marketers make emails short and conversational. Make sure they’re using simple words and not using too much industry jargon.

The Hemingway App is a nifty tool to help your marketers use less words to convey more meaning. It scores a block of text’s readability according to word choice, sentence length, and using an active voice.

Test your emails the right way.

Email templates that work for other companies might not necessarily work for yours. Instead of copying someone else’s template, your marketers can optimize each aspect of your email, tailoring it to your audience.

Litmus is a powerful tool that can help your marketers test everything from code and design down to subject lines and plain text checks. It even offers a color testing feature to make sure your emails have enough contrast in case your contacts are color blind.

Optimize for mobile.

A report done by MovableInk in 2013 revealed that 65% of emails are first opened on mobile devices. Email optimization for mobile shouldn’t be an afterthought. Your marketers should put as much effort on how your emails look on mobile as they do with how they look when viewed on the web.

Campaign Monitor has a host of features that include email testing for mobile. They also have template builders that allows your marketers to create emails that are readable and appealing regardless of the device your recipients use.

Check for deliverability.

You need to make sure your marketers are creating emails that arrive on your recipient’s inbox and not in the dreaded Spam folder. This step is also crucial if you want to keep your good name and avoid IP blacklists. You can check if your mailserver IP is still in good standing using the MX Toolbox.

SendForensics have capabilities that test a campaign’s impact on your email reputation even before you hit send. It’s an invaluable tool to ensure your company doesn’t land on any blacklists. To check simple emails quickly, they can use Contactology’s Spam Checker instead.

Increase response time.

In a recent study, Toister Performance Solutions found out that customers expect businesses to reply to their emails within an hour of sending them. Don’t have your marketers spend so much time sending amazing emails only to lose business because your team can’t respond in time.

Having numerous remote email marketers in different time zones can make sure each email you receive gets replied to within the tight timeframe. They can also use FollowUp.cc, a sales automation tool with email reminder features that send timely notifications to your marketers.

Email is the best tool for getting acquisitions, boosting awareness, driving conversions, and increasing customer retention, according to a Gigaom research. When you have so much to gain from a single strategy, make sure you have an email marketing team that does it right and does it well.

Have you and your marketers tried any of these tools? Share your experience in the comments!

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Bolton Remote helps businesses grow with dedicated remote teams. To find out more about remote staffing, visit BoltonRemote.com.
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Bolton Remote helps businesses grow with dedicated remote teams. To find out more about remote staffing, visit BoltonRemote.com.

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