4 Ways to Refresh Your Best Content

Image by Nicole.
Image by Nicole.

Creating content can be one of the most time-consuming tasks for your digital marketers. It’s an essential component, but you need to give them time for equally important tasks like testing, monitoring analytics, and bolstering engagements.

How do companies meet their content demands while giving equal attention to other crucial elements of digital marketing? Some of them come to Bolton Remote and build offshore remote teams to provide support, including for labor-intensive marketing tasks like content creation.

Even just a couple of digital marketers can help you increase your publishing frequency and create fresh content every time. Still, some topics deserve to be revisited. Over 75% of companies don’t leverage this technique. They prefer the ‘once and done’ approach instead of exploring an idea to produce comprehensive content.

This strategy puts too much pressure on the content team, leading to burn outs or content exhaustion. It’s also a waste of a good idea. When your team has thought of something great, this idea deserves to be told as often and in as many ways as possible.Create posts of varying lengths.

1. Create posts of varying lengths.

According to the National Center for Biotechnology Information, the current average human attention span is 8.25 seconds. That’s very short, so consider measuring articles by reading time and use tools like Read-O-Meter to measure.

This doesn’t mean your team shouldn’t write anything longer than a tweet. Instead, consider creating posts of varying lengths and so your idea will be read by your audience according to how much information they’re available to take in at that moment.

Note that short articles should be around 300 words or only take a reading time of one minute while long form posts can take up to 2500 words but no more than fifteen minutes to read.

2. Republish content assets as different formats.

Turn an idea into a podcast. Your busy audience will appreciate being able to learn from your content while doing something else like chores or during their drive home. Antonia Molloy from Equinet Media shares a word of caution, “podcasts are not merely another marketing tool. No one wants to download an elaborate sales pitch.”

Make sure you’re telling a story, not hard selling your product. You don’t need fancy equipment or software to start. Tools like Audio Hijack are simple to use and have Skype support, allowing your team to record episodes or conduct interviews on the go.

Video is another content format you should seriously consider. Your audience will more likely watch a 2-minute video than read a 1-minute article. 69% of mobile users also prefer this format compared with reading bulleted content.

3. Update old posts with new data.

Statistics and facts are always changing, and your posts need to change along with it. Your digital marketer can spend a day every quarter updating posts and increase an article’s lifespan. It’s good for business too, says Infographic World, “Customers appreciate a website that takes the time to update their stats and data to remain relevant.”

Updating an old post can also give your marketers a reason to promote it on social media again. Your team can make additional tweaks and a post that didn’t do well may suddenly gain traction.

4. Compile and republish.

Instead of expecting your audience to go through your archives and read everything, why don’t you repackage them into a neat eBook you can offer? You can even offer it as a download in exchange for emails. Just make sure your content team makes edits to keep the flow consistent and cohesive as part of one book.

Alternatively, your marketers can also create a comprehensive guide post that links to relevant articles within your blog. You’ll be able to direct your audience to your ‘must read’ content without tying up your marketers time rewriting how-to guides.

There are dozens of ways you and your team can turn one idea into multiple content assets. All the many ways you can repurpose an idea can guarantee a consistent publishing schedule and a dynamic editorial calendar that your readers will respond to.

You need talented and experienced digital marketers to turn one concept into more. Expand your search and increase your chances. Visit our website at www.BoltonRemote.com and we’ll help you build a content team that will make the most out of your awesome ideas.

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Bolton Remote helps businesses grow with dedicated remote teams. To find out more about remote staffing, visit BoltonRemote.com.
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Bolton Remote helps businesses grow with dedicated remote teams. To find out more about remote staffing, visit BoltonRemote.com.