4 Things Your Offshore Hiring Guide Should Know


If you're seeking offshore hiring advice, what are the things your guide should be able to help you with?

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Over on our social media (which you definitely should be following), we shared a post on when hiring offshore makes sense by business coach Carl Dierschow. Carl mentions that businesses often have needs that offshore staffing can solve, but owners are too afraid to delegate tasks to overseas teams.

They’re afraid for good reason, according to Carl. “Listen to the scary stories from large companies,” he says, “They invest huge stacks of money, incredible amounts of time, and take huge risks with their core business model. A couple of years later, it’s not uncommon for them to be retracting from the whole venture.”

There are plenty of corporate horror stories of being left with irate customers, stressed managers, and a decline in product or service quality after they hire offshore staff. But did these companies fail because offshore hiring in itself sucks? Not necessarily.

As Carl points out, growing your business with global talent can be a great tool. Adding to that, Patrick, one of our founders, recently touched upon offshore hiring and its advantages -- value for money, larger talent pool, and more learning opportunities.

Although the internet is brimming with reading material on offshore hiring, you can only learn so many tips from online tutorials. You truly learn about hiring and managing staff from experience.

It sounds especially daunting in the context of remote staffing, but offshore hiring can be a whole lot easier when you have guidance from someone with expertise on managing remote teams. You’ll want someone with a good understanding of the following.

1. Your Options

Planning for offshore hiring can fail if you don’t know your options. Each form of offshore hiring works well under specific conditions.

For example, when it comes to outsourcing and remote staffing, the former is great if you agree to entrust control of your processes to someone else. On the other hand, the latter is more effective for business owners and managers who want full control over their processes.

Seek guidance from someone who knows which offshore hiring option is best for you, and you’ll have better chances of successful growth with offshore help.

2. Your Customers

Your goal for growing your company is to meet your customers’ expectations, so any advice you get on offshore hiring should be built on satisfying this goal. What kind of sites do your customers enjoy? How active are they on social media?

With a solid understanding of your customers’ preferences, purchasing habits, and sensitivities, you’ll have better guidance on setting specific standards your offshore staff needs to follow.

3. Your Needs

Your hiring decisions largely depend on your hiring needs, so these decisions entail asking yourself a handful of questions. Do you need one specialist or a team of them? Are you hiring for projects or for core roles? Do you need part-time help or full-time staff?

In order to answer these questions, your guide should help you pinpoint your staffing needs based on the stage of your company’s growth.

4. Different Work Cultures

Cultural differences can be strengths if you understand your employees’ work culture and they in return understand yours. How do they prefer to communicate? Can the workforce match your time zone? Will your employees work more effectively from home or from an office?

With proper guidance on building your processes around a synergy of your work cultures, you’ll find yourself growing with a global team more seamlessly.

Ever worked with offshore staff before? Tell us your story. We’d be glad to hear all about it.

Edsel Mendoza
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Edsel Mendoza

Edsel is Bolton Remote's remote staffing ambassador. He is currently on an educational crusade to help people see that remote staffing isn't what everyone thinks it is.
Edsel Mendoza
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About Edsel Mendoza

Edsel is Bolton Remote's remote staffing ambassador. He is currently on an educational crusade to help people see that remote staffing isn't what everyone thinks it is.

  • Excellent summary, Edsel. A lot of people stumble into using remote workers because they're impressed with the pay rates or have heard that it's a good idea. But you absolutely do need to think through it carefully which is why someone with experience in the area can be so valuable. I see a lot of people who forget about the impact it can have on customers or partners - both positive and negative!

    • Hey Carl! Apologies for the delayed response!

      Agreed. It's not enough to read pointers on the internet, and sometimes, even personal experience doesn't cut it. I say that because you'd also hear stories of entrepreneurs giving up on offshore hiring altogether after being burned once. It takes a depth of expertise and experience to properly coach and guide someone through the offshore hiring process.