4 Employee Morale Tools for your Remote Management Toolbox


We like how remote teams help scaling startups overcome challenges that come with growth. Here you'll find useful information about how you can manage your remote team effectively. In this post, we’ve compiled important remote employee morale tools for your startup.

Employee Morale Tools
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Your business can reach its goals faster and grow better when you have quality talent sticking around for the long run.

Business owners have different ways of retaining talent, but we find raising employee morale particularly effective. Raising morale can be as simple as recognizing your team’s accomplishments and offering a few perks to keep them happy and motivated.

This rings true especially for remote teams since the lack of physical contact and the geographical distance can make them feel more detached compared to your onsite team.

However, as Lorna Love, Internal Communications Specialist at Aarons, Inc., puts it, "Although working in separate locations may cut down on impromptu face-to-face time, technology allows us to stay connected in other ways." It can be used to give words of encouragement, that virtual pat on the back, and provide perks and benefits that let them know you appreciate them.

So how exactly do you raise morale remotely? We’ve rounded up a few tools that can help.


iAppreciate is a product of OC Tanner, a company known for its employee recognition programs. This tool focuses on raising company morale and providing you with a wide variety of simple but meaningful ways to do it (in 14 languages!).

You can choose to celebrate career achievement, reward results, encourage team effort, or even schedule birthday reminders. Then from their website (or their mobile app), you can create an event, send an e-card, write a note, or create a certificate. You can make all printable materials with some well-designed templates.

“Related applications let people share their accomplishments on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter, and use a virtual bulletin board to post digital certificates and notes,” says Michelle Rafter, content contributor at Entrepreneur.com, on her experience with iAppreciate.


Teamphoria is an engagement tool that focuses heavily on employee recognition. Everyone in your team can send each other awards, and Teamphoria displays these awards on the team’s feed. Other than showcasing everybody’s achievements, the feed also helps you track top performers. All awards are displayed in real-time. And if you want to, you can even let your customers in on it and have them send your team awards as well.

Teamphoria also has features outside of recognition. Phil Allison and John Colbert of Corporate Edge list a few features they like. “Teamphoria also provides a suite of tools that allow you to request feedback, make suggestions, anonymously vent about something troubling you, rate your day, take an engagement checkup or even compete in an interactive game to get to know your team.”

By recognizing specific results, you create a culture of “doing the right thing,” and you encourage giving credit to your team for any kind of positive impact, no matter how small or large.


Uncover allows you to give your team perks and rewards. You can choose from a large choice of categories, including music, books, movie tickets, coffee, and even transport services.

But what we like about Uncover is that it allows you to fully customize your rewards program. “We wanted employers to be able to choose to offer Music, for example, and for each employee to be able to choose among Spotify, Rdio, and iTunes,” says founder Spencer Fry, on how Uncover works.

So you can tailor your rewards program according to how your team would enjoy it best, and best of all, you don’t need to pay for unredeemed perks. “If an employee never chooses a music service, then the employer is not charged for it.”


AnyPerk lets you and your team gain access to a large marketplace (more than 850 providers!) of pre-negotiated perks. “Big companies like the Googles and IBMs of the world can negotiate deals and discounts directly with vendors. We provide a valuable service—and economy of scale—for everyone else,” says company founder Taro Fukuyama.

The way it works is that your team can redeem perks anytime they want, whether immediately or at a later time, as these perks never expire. AnyPerk comes with a rewards portal that allows you to easily track employee milestones and accomplishments, and from there, you can send your employees credits for any Anyperk-supported reward of their choice.

Matt Villano further enumerates the wonders of AnyPerk. “Once a company signs up, it receives access to hundreds of perks, as well as analytics that track employee savings and redemption stats to identify the most popular perk categories from quarter to quarter.”

How do you raise employee morale? Any particular ways you reward your team? Let us know about it.

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Edsel Mendoza

Edsel is Bolton Remote's remote staffing ambassador. He is currently on an educational crusade to help people see that remote staffing isn't what everyone thinks it is.
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About Edsel Mendoza

Edsel is Bolton Remote's remote staffing ambassador. He is currently on an educational crusade to help people see that remote staffing isn't what everyone thinks it is.