4 Effective Ways to Get More Out of Google+

Image by Pete Linforth.
Image by Pete Linforth.

When it comes to social networks, Google+ does not yet have as many active users as Twitter, Facebook, or LinkedIn. Still, 13% of small businesses maintain a Google+ page, and some have even enjoyed success on the platform compared to their profiles on other networks.

For small businesses, it’s clear that Google+ shouldn’t be ignored.

At Bolton Remote, we provide remote staff for companies, including social media marketing support roles. We see how different networks require different strategies to really drive up engagement. For Google+, here’s what you need to increase your followers and get those +1’s.

1. Set realistic goals.

According to IdentyMe, the top 3 professionals who use Google+ are engineers, developers, and designers. If your business caters to these industries, you can aim for the lion’s share of the network’s 26,000,000 users.

While your Google+ follower count may not ever be as high as your audience on Twitter or Facebook (CEOs have an average of 150 followers, according to Marketing Pilgrim), you have a much better chance of building a tight and highly engaged community.

Engagement should be an important measurement of Google+ success. “It’s a different way of relating to your business world as well as personal network,” says Marya Jan for Get Response.

2. Format your posts properly.

A successful post on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter is different from a successful post on Google+. “Don’t expect to phone it in or put your Google+ activity on autopilot and get a good response.” says Dustin Stout of Warfare Plugins. Simply formatting your Google+ posts properly can boost engagement.

According to Dustin, each Google+ post must feature the title in bold, a summary of a linked article, a few words or sentences of commentary, a prompt for engagement, 3 to 5 hashtags, and an image or video.

3. Use the Circles feature.

“Organize your contacts in Circles to maximize your audience targeting efforts,” shares Luana Spinetti for Web Hosting Secret Revealed. In this way, your followers will only see updates that are relevant to them. This increases your chance of building an interested following on Google+.

Andre Klein of DocPath encourages businesses to “find the right audiences by discovering your customer’s interests, issues and problems.” You can also join relevant circles and connect with your market in that way.

4. Get all the help available.

If you’re really serious about building a Google+ presence, you can delegate the task to a remote marketing support staff. Someone offshore can even monitor and engage with the community when you can’t. Tools can help your marketer optimize your page and keep your circles organized. In this way, your marketer can focus on boosting followers, engaging with your audience, and sharing content.

  • Circloscope – helps marketers manage Google+ circles as well as help them find the right people they should be connecting with to drive up engagement.
  • Timing+ - there’s a right time for everything, including publishing a well-crafted Google+ post. This tool analyzes your last 100 posts to determine best time of day and day of week for posting.
  • AllMyPlus – pulls analytics on any Google+ profile. You’ll be able to see how successful brands use the platform and compare them to your own statistics.

Summing It Up

You can achieve success on Google+ by implementing tactics that are custom-made for the platform. Applying the same technique you use on Twitter or Facebook will not only reduce engagement, it might even drive your audience away.

We hope these tips help when you plan your social media marketing strategy for the coming year. Share other tips for Google+ success in the comments.

To reach your social media marketing goals, you need people who can execute strategies tailored for each individual platform. Visit our website at www.BoltonRemote.com and we can help you find offshore remote marketing staff that have the expertise and focus to bring you to success on social media.

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Bolton Remote helps businesses grow with dedicated remote teams. To find out more about remote staffing, visit BoltonRemote.com.
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Bolton Remote helps businesses grow with dedicated remote teams. To find out more about remote staffing, visit BoltonRemote.com.